Here’s Why Children Should Learn About Empathy Right From Their Early Childhood

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I shared this same post on my first blog, which I hardly operate now. Today I felt like reading my old posts and found this one. I just had to share it…


I am not any animal activist, but it’s just a few things that make me think about our harshness towards nature. I never find a reason why we have to be like this.

We forget to realize how the nature and other animals have been tolerant of us. We are not civilized yet; in fact we try to make our life good, that’s selfishness not civilization. Since the beginning of our psychological ‘humanization’ we have mostly focused only on our existence and requirements by means of various successful attempts and achievements in getting so called civilized. We used nature to feed our greed for civilization and wild animals had to pay for it. I don’t know if we can change this, but I regret being a human sometimes.

Today I just wanted to write about my experience about how cruel humans can be…age doesn’t matter here.

It was a normal evening. The park looked happy with people enjoying the nature and children playing there games. From a corner I too was enjoying the scene which seemed full of life. However, the whole situation changed when I found a few kids surrounding and playing with a little puppy. In a few seconds I realized, they were actually poking and dirtying it with mud.

After I shouted and scolded them, the kids scattered and started playing their (whatever) games in the same park. I finally had to leave, for, I was going to the market.

While coming back, I entered the park to make sure that the puppy was safe. He was obviously revisited by those kids, who were no where in the scene then.

I found the puppy almost covered with mud and coughing. The kids literally made the poor creature swallow mud. The helpless thin rickety puppy was breathing heavily. It was hardly able to make any sound. The mud was right inside his stomach and he was trying his best to vomit it out. I could not do anything, but just witness its pain. It was clear, the cruel humans eventually killed the puppy. It simply died. It didn’t have to, did he?

He was not making noise, he was not attacking anyone, and he was not expecting any pity either. Just because few irresponsible humans needed some fun, he had to die.

What was that? Was that fun, just a game for those kids for that evening? We still call them human and they will grow up to become responsible or whatever citizens?
Even animals do not kill unless they are hungry.

My question is, if the parents give good moral education to their children could the kids still afford to be so pitiless? May be not, unless they are psychologically or morally sick.

Just two words ‘be empathetic’ can be easily taught, and believe it or not cruelty and aggressiveness increase if tolerated or not restricted. You love your children and give them a safe life… this makes sense to you. You love your children and teach them to respect life and create a safe environment for everyone and everything… this has to makes sense in every way.


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